This section of my site showcases the professional aspect of my writing.
Almost all the articles in here have either been published or utilised in a campaign and now serve as examples of my work.

I’m a firm believer in using “plain English” when I write and dislike most forms of jargon.
Acronyms and abbreviations can be jarring if you don’t know what they mean and many people prefer to suffer in silence rather than risk appearing foolish, especially in the workplace.

I think this is a shame and would encourage everyone to speak up and ask the question: “What the hell are you on about ?” 
Well, maybe not that precise question on reflection, but you know what I mean …
I’m afraid to say I was the kid in class with his hand up just before the bell was about to ring because I hadn’t understood what the teacher was trying to explain. 
You’d think it would get easier as an adult, but if anything I think it gets worse with age.

I’m glad to see that many professionals (lawyers, doctors, etc) are wising up and beginning to drop the legalese and the Latin and are generally coming down off their high horses and talking to us mortals in everyday language. Long may it continue!

Moving away from the mental for a moment, I sometimes find myself thinking about how much the physical act of writing has changed over the years. From stone slabs and finger-painting with natural dyes, through the quill, the dipping nib, the fountain pen, various forms of pencil, the biro, right up to modern gel pens. On the mechanical side, the typewriter revolutionised the written word little over a century ago, while the electronic version really took off in the 50s and 60s, followed by word processors and finally the personal computers, PDAs and tablets we take for granted today.

Personally, I don’t think you can’t beat a fat 2B pencil or an ink-pen with a thick nib.
There’s something really satisfying about sitting down at a desk with a blank sheet of paper and seeing what comes out … when was the last time you wrote or received a proper letter from a friend or relative ?
We should never forget what a joy it is to both give and receive, yet already I think the time has passed …


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