SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is one of the most important SEO services that we offer our clients. The internet has changed the world forever and re-written the rule book for just about everything to do with modern business.

From smoke signals and jungle drums right up to the telephone and the jumbo jet, the more we make our world a better place to live in, the more we need to keep up with the times. Gone are the days of fumbling around in the dark with cold calling and direct mail shots. The corporate landscape has evolved into a completely different animal and it’s time to jump on and grab the bull by the horns …

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is a techno babble term for the way in which companies try to raise the “page rank” of their website so it is featured more prominently on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines. Even if you are already familiar with the concept, do you really know why you should be concerned about SEO in the first place? By developing your SEO , your page rank will improve.

The higher your page ranking is within the actual mechanics behind a search engine, then the sooner it will appear in the results displayed to the potential customer who typed in a phrase relevant to your business website. To put it bluntly, next time you use a search engine, whatever is the very first website you see listed will have a page rank of 1, the second website a page rank of 2 and so on.

With us so far but still unsure as to what all the fuss is about?
Consider this:
– the average attention span of an internet user is on a par with a goldfish and can be measured in seconds
Research claims the figure is actually as low as three seconds while that fish in the bowl manages ten. With this in mind, it’s not really that surprising that many internet users will choose between the first five to ten sites they come across after being presented with thousands of different websites whenever they perform a search.
SEO can help you be in that top ten. An effective SEO Consulting campaign can ensure you are number one. The process itself is an honest appraisal of how effectively your website shapes up compared to your competitors, with the purpose of SEO consulting being to identify the areas in most need of improvement. If it’s done right, your page will achieve a higher rank and stay there.

There are some cowboys out there though, so while they claim they can tame that bull, they may not even be able to ride a horse or make a noose …

SEO Consulting has suffered some bad press in recent times with many companies offering grossly exaggerated and totally unrealistic targets to their customers. In some cases, the client is left with a severely depleted bank account as they throw good money after bad in an attempt to rectify the half-baked efforts the previous SEO Consulting “experts” managed.

SEO Consulting is one of our specialities, and it is an area that we are proud to say that we excel in and we have client testimonies to back up that bold declaration. With such a strong track record to date and plenty of experience in the field of SEO Consulting, we are confident in our ability to deliver quality results on time, every time and for a long time to come.


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