Blog Post: Social media

Social media = word of mouth

Sites like Facebook and Twitter provide excellent platforms for:
Generating quality leads
Building brand awareness
Building customer loyalty
Increasing leads, sales and – ultimately – profit

There’s nothing more valuable in any kind of business than the recommendation of other people and these sites are an increasingly important component of any successful SEO or internet marketing campaign.
Having a strong social presence on the web has evolved from being optional to mandatory and social media marketing allows you to quickly target and drive traffic to your site while simultaneously ramping up your business profile.

Facebook Marketing
Facebook is the second largest website on the internet and your business needs to be on it. We can provide custom fan pages that provide you with the ability to interact with interested people and develop a buzz about your website, products and services. Most importantly of all we have the ability to dramatically increase the number of targeted fans following you. Most businesses have an ineffective Facebook page: we can help you realise its true potential and help drive sales.

Twitter Marketing
Stephen Fry isn’t the only one any more …

Love it or hate it, Twitter is here to stay and is also a highly efficient SEO weapon. Many people ignore Twitter because the links are “no follow”, but this is a mistake. The site can help spread your message very quickly and attract organic traffic through pure word of mouth. We create bespoke twitter pages for you and then cultivate a targeted fan base.

Although there are other social media sites out there, Facebook and Twitter are our current main focus as they offer by far and away the most cost effective way of maximising targeted traffic through to your website.

Don’t get left behind … join in the fun with Smart SEO social media marketing.


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