Blog Post: Making SEO work for you

Smart SEO Services provide businesses with effective, organic search engine optimisation. What we mean by that is we aim to deliver quality copy with just the right level of keywords so that the site not only reads naturally to the user, but also maximises the current mechanics behind search engines. We also strive for honesty and real value for money by fairly pricing our services for supplying you with the best SEO expertise on the market.

SEO can be a daunting subject for anyone starting a website for the first time and novice webmasters are often duped by unscrupulous “experts” promising outlandish claims that seem too-good-to-be-true … mainly because they are.

With a fierce demand for good SEO advice, there are a number of fraudulent providers looking to make a quick buck out there. If you’re promised the moon on a stick for a knockdown price, steer clear. Results don’t come overnight. SEO is an organic process that takes a bit of time and patience and like a good garden, you sow the seeds today knowing it will be a while before any green shoots appear. Once they do, the roots of your business will become stronger and you’ll see it grow before your very eyes.

We hear horror stories from some of our clients, telling us of how their previous SEO consultants promised they’d be top of the page by the end of the week, and generally the feeling is that although they knew what they were being offered didn’t ring true, for the price it was available it was worth the punt. In actual fact, you rely on your gut instincts for a reason, namely that they’re usually right, so if you do find you’re not happy with what a particular SEO provider is telling you, just take a moment to reconsider. You might decide to walk away and get a second opinion, or you could ask for client testimonials to check how happy their customers are.

Another good test is to check with your consultant what different methods they intend to use to increase your site’s SEO. Full service search engine optimisation encompasses a wide range of different SEO methods including keyword research, the reworking of existing copy, the creation of blogs and feature articles as well as the strategic use of back linking and press releases … and that’s just a taster of what we can do. There are many more courses of action we can take to systematically and organically realise your website’s full SEO potential.
So, ask yourself: are you getting the full service or just a quick look under the bonnet?
At Smart SEO Services all our search engine mechanics are trained specialists with the right tools, training, knowledge and experience for the job and you won’t be told “it’ll be ready next Tuesday” because we will keep you informed every step of the way …


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