Press Release: Adnet

Producing creative, meaningful advertising for over 15 years

Adnet is THE one-stop solution for all your marketing and advertising needs.
An established, professional agency with strong local and international links, a talented team of creative and business-minded people and years of success and achievement, including 11 international creativity-in-marketing awards.

Physical Address : Inyoni Estate, 54 Galloway Ave, Douglasdale
Tel : (011) 462 4130
Cell : xxxx
Email : xxxx
Web : xxxx

Key activities :
· Brand Exploration and Development – Target market, research and analysis, packaging, pricing and distribution, strategic communication, brand personality and projection, multi-platform delivery and cost-cutting/sales-building strategies
· Strategic Creativity – Ideas, ideas, ideas … honed into both high and low-risk campaigns with your input along the way, tailored to both your needs and your budget, creating the highest possible ROI for your business
· Media Planning – Internal planning using the latest Mindshare market data, before you approve and sign off, allowing us to get the best rates through the purchasing power of Mindshare
· Web Design, Strategy and Maintenance – Updated monthly to meet your needs
· Direct Marketing and Databases – Hit your target using our categorised data, then see the results with our feedback and analysis service
· Promotions – Designed to suit your product or brand, ranging from traditional media, through in-store and mall-activated promotions
· PR Activity – We are not a PR company, but events can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis, especially for launches, again tailored to suit your needs and budget
· Accounting and Related services – Adnet has a highly developed internal admin and job tracking system and all accounts are handled internally

Over the years, we’ve built up an impressive portfolio of clients, including Pricewaterhouse, Canon, Nestlé, Sasol, Steelrode and The Sunday Times. We work regularly with the likes of Mindshare and Hot Dot Print (Repro House Of The Year 2006 – SADA) as well as the best photographers, promoters, events companies, illustrators, sound and TV production companies when the specific need arises.

The nitty-gritty :
Each budget is broken down into a series of jobs that are pre-estimated, keeping clients aware of current spend and budget adherence. We accommodate clients on different payment structures and we will work on whatever suits you and the account.

Fee – a straight fee for hours worked
Media Commissions – media commissions and rebate (No hourly charge)
Mark Ups
% of sale


Call us now on : (011) 462 4130

A D N E TThree sixty degree advertising


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