My Top 4

You know that bit in Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity when they’re making lists of top guitarists, vocalists, etc ?
Well, I’ve worked in that shop … in fact, if you read the book before seeing the movie and know the British version of the story, it could well be that Mr Hornby has been following me since my early 20s because the plot was eerily like that of my life.

I love lists.
I’ve already written one in the form of The Top Ten Female Singers Of All Time.

Now it’s time to spread out a bit and start some serious listage.
And I’m not talking about sinking ships when I say that …

Top 10 ?
Probably too much for a regular update, which is what I’m planning on doing with this section of the site.
Top 3 ?
Too limiting.
Top 5 ?
Too obvious.
Top 4 ?
Just enough, thanks. I think I’ll do that.


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