Boats For Sale From Boats Half Price

Boats for Sale From Boats Half Price

One of our most popular and successful ventures has been the introduction of our Boats Half Price scheme. In a nutshell, we bring together buyers and sellers more quickly than anybody else. How we do it is simple: we make boats more affordable for the buyer while saving costs for anybody with boats for sale.
Working in tandem with our legal partners, LA Marine, we can arrange guaranteed Secure Half Now, Half Later deals so that those boats for sale become sold much faster. As we know the used boat market inside out, we understand that finance is often the key to the deal and we look to help both sides out so everyone’s a winner. It’s quick, it’s easy and we will talk you through it, every step of the way …

The Buyer: we enable you to buy the yacht you want quicker than you thought possible. Instead of having to pay for the whole boat, you pay for half up front and agree to pay the other half off within two years. You still take full ownership of the boat and are completely free to enjoy sailing it whenever you want because you’ve bought it already – it’s yours!

The Seller: we’ll find you a buyer, allowing you to sell your yacht more quickly than you thought possible. If you’ve got boats for sale, by being prepared to accept half now and half within 2 years, you attract more potential buyers. The buyer then takes full ownership of the boat and you save on all those niggling costs normally incurred whilst waiting to sell. You can then enjoy the cash you receive from a quick and straightforward deal! If you have multiple boats for sale, the scheme could be very beneficial.


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