Aleksander Leszczynski, Bournemouth
Founder and proprietor, Varos Corporation
“Working with Paul was easy and very natural. He is friendly and enthusiastic and just wants to help, so when I asked him to make a site for my firm we sat down and talked it all over for quite a long time. This was a free consultation. He then came back to me a few days later with a lot of ideas and possibilities and options. I chose what I liked and he did the rest. He even made my English sound … well, English !”

Jenny Court
Just Shine Hair, Southampton
“I already had a website for my salon but felt it might be time for a makeover. Paul went through everything on there and suggested a few design changes as well as lots of new text .. or “copy” … and in the end he even persuaded me to drop the app I’d been using as it didn’t generate much extra business and the money could be put to better use elsewhere in the business. Really, he provided a fresh pair of eyes on everything so I’m really glad I contacted him. “

Andris Svarcs, London 
Front End Developer, Webmaster and Designer
“This is pleasure to do business with Paul. Some of my clients (annasgardens.combespoke-web.co.uk) needed copies for their Websites. As I am not English, I asked Paul to give me hand on this. He is not only writing copies, but also does studies on subject. He come up with excellent ideas, nice wording and give some live and fun even for pure and boring technical content. Another important note is speed – Paul deliver content always on time. Looking forward to do more business in near future!”

Paul Hanly, Johannesburg
Partner, Adnet Advertising Agency
” Paul worked as a copywriter for Adnet for a number of years. His work was always delivered on time, clearly written and fit for purpose. He has a unique ability to quickly grasp concepts and translate ideas into meaningful copy. Paul has a very enthusiastic outlook on life, and this coupled to good leadership skills allowed him to be a good motivator amongst his colleagues. I wish him all the best.”

Guy Mackenzie, Manchester
Smart-SEO Services
A selection of comments after receiving my work:

” … Thanks for that, quality great as usual …
… That’s great as ever …
… I am very happy with that …
… Thanks for that quality is excellent as usual …”


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