Anna’s Gardens

Anna’s Gardens are based in south-west London and their website, designed by Bespoke Web, is regularly updated with blog posts.

Some of them are about their recent jobs but a lot of the time, they take the form of more general advisory articles, short and sweet but telling the reader what to watch out for at a particular time of year, or what they should be concentrating on in their gardens round about now. 

The site itself is quite “wordy” as there’s a lot of information to get across, both about Anna’s team and their various services, but also about gardening in general. This was a re-write that involved a little more detective work on my part, talking to both Andris and Anna to make sure I covered both sides of the assignment.

This section showcases the re-write work I carried out on the site, and is broken down into the various parts of the site itself, with just an introductory sentence or two for each one. If you want to read more or sample a page, just follow the links …

As someone who has no interest in gardening, I was pleasantly surprised to find I was beginning to get quite involved with it all … so much so that I started to grow my own vegetables at the end of it all. There’s nothing more satisfying on a summer’s evening than eating your own peas, fresh from the pod … thanks Anna !


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