SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation Analysis: a health check for your website
Search engine optimisation analysis is more than just a quick once over from a web consultant: it’s a thorough health check for your site from a specialist.

The initial analysis
A free, no obligation SEO Analysis from us will form the cornerstone of our investigation into just how effective your website currently is. From this starting point, we will be able to determine just how well your site is performing with all the major search engines.
Search engine optimisation analysis picks apart and examines all the constituent parts of a website and checks how well they are working with the search engine “spider” software that crawls through every page on the internet. When the content of your site has been optimised for search engine programming, you’ll find your web pages are much more likely to feature higher up on any individual search engine’s page rank. Leaving it to chance and not tailoring your content with SEO in mind can sometimes work, but it’s a very haphazard approach to something that can really make or break your website and often your business itself.
Any reputable search engine optimisation analysis consultant will offer this initial service for free. Think of it in much the same way you might approach a builder to do some work on your house or a wedding planner to organise the big day. The service will be thorough because every site is different and every business has its own needs and requirements, but there is no simple answer to the potentially thorny problem of search engine optimisation. Your SEO consultant needs to get to know the nuts and bolts of your operation if he’s to develop the most suitable solution, so he needs this firm platform on which to build.

Search engine optimisation analysis – what it should include:

Data analysis
A detailed search engine optimisation analysis will be full of data.
Your SEO consultant will probably be a natural number cruncher and able to see at a glance what it all means, while to you it could be double Dutch. As there will no doubt be a massive amount of information following his analysis, try and get him to present a simplified overview, reporting his initial thoughts on your site’s performance. This should include such data as how many visitors are using certain keywords pertaining to your business on any given day, or how well your competitors are doing in comparison and the reasons behind why they might be higher than your site on the search engine page rank. If you don’t think you understand some of it, or if your SEO consultant uses too much terminology to explain a point, make sure you ask him to sit down and go through it with you again. It might seem second nature to him, but you need to hear it in layman’s terms and, don’t forget, he’s providing a service to you.

Keyword analysis
A big part of the whole search engine optimisation process centres around “keywords”.
These are the buzzwords most commonly used by people when searching for something on the internet. The deeper the analysis goes, the more you’ll find out about what words and phrases should be incorporated into your site’s content to really home in on the spider software used by the likes of Google and Yahoo. A high quality search engine optimisation analysis on your website will also take into account current market trends and any quirky local differences (such as in spelling and culture) that may affect performance. Another key element is the over-use of certain keywords and phrases. Many sites have content stuffed to the gills with what the original author thought would catapult their page up the rankings. It doesn’t work like that: the software the search engines use is much more subtle than that.
As your relationship with your SEO consultant develops, so will his – and your – depth of understanding as to the state of your website’s keyword health: whether you’re overdoing it a bit, or are maybe a little too lean in that department.

Backlink analysis
Another aspect of your initial free search engine optimisation analysis will highlight is how many backlinks your site attracts. A more in-depth analysis will demonstrate the importance of this particular tool and how you can turn it to your advantage. This whole area is very fluid and involves the likes of the social networking sites, how people choose to “like” or bookmark your business, as well as other cutting edge techniques.

General overview
There’s more to a detailed search engine optimisation analysis than just numbers and the tech stuff. A high quality SEO consultant will present you with the evidence to back up his numbers. These are often aspects of the site that you’ve thought about but may not have got round to doing, such as embedded audio and video. Certain content may be highlighted for development and popular pages like galleries and customer testimonials may also be suggested, among other things.

The free initial search engine optimisation analysis should always focus primarily on your website’s page rank performance and may possibly suggest a few basics to improve it.
As your SEO consultant looks more closely at your operation, he’ll develop a better understanding of how to take the right steps in improving your site and together you will start to see it grow and climb up those pages. A detailed search engine optimisation analysis will always delve deeper and get to grips with what’s really going on under the bonnet until you’re really motoring.

At Smart SEO Services our mission is give you the best possible service by delivering the most effective search engine optimisation analysis and solutions. Our reputation is very important to us and as market leaders we always aim to be the best at what we do.
Contact us today for your own free SEO analysis and to discover how our dedicated team of experts can dramatically improve your website and help you to develop your business.


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