Rate Card

Writing is an unusual way to make a living and it’s not something that’s easy to pin down in terms of how much to charge.
Some people do it by word while others use an hourly rate – neither is perfect as the job itself varies from task to task and some subjects are easier to write about than others.
If there’s a lot of research to be done beforehand, I’ll take that into account when quoting, but if it’s something I know I can rattle off fairly quickly, I’ll charge less.
Proof-reading and editing are much quicker tasks than creating something from scratch, so again the price reflects the nature of the work depending on how difficult I think it’ll be.

With all that in mind, this is not a definitive rate card .. more of a suggestion, I suppose, designed to give you an idea of the costs ahead of a job enquiry or submission.

PROOF-READING: £10-15/hr
EDITING: £12-15/hr
REWRITING: £15-£20/hr
BLOG POSTS: £25-35/hr
DAILY RATE: £120-150

I don’t work like a plumber, so if a job takes an hour and five minutes, I’d only charge for the first hour. I try to be fair when I’m pricing up a quote and will break it down for you to explain what you’re actually paying for – typically my time, either in research or actually writing.
Feel free to ask for a quote – I’m open to negotiation and will happily write about some subjects more than others.

email – rigger67@yahoo.com
mobile – 07966 575 464
landline – 02380 774 137

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