Blog Post: Patience

Patience is a virtue …
So your website isn’t quite as popular as you thought it would be, eh?

It’s supposed to be your shop window, but maybe you’re on the wrong street? Perhaps the display isn’t eye-catching enough? It could be that you’ve put too much into it and you’re confusing people, leaving nothing for potential customers to focus on? Maybe a drunken reveller has just put a brick through it?

Whatever the reason, people are just walking past and you’re not getting the interest you thought you would.

It’s time for action. 
You need to step back, take an objective look and rethink your strategy. Maybe you need a fresh pair of eyes. You can’t see the wood for the trees and as your website falls from grace, who knows if it’s going to make a sound?

Ask yourself some questions and try to answer them honestly :
– Is it interesting enough?
– Is it easy to navigate?
– Does it look inviting?
– Does it pass the “Ronseal Test” by clearly showing what you do?
– Is there a blog, a guestbook, a feedback area or a discussion forum?
– How about an FAQ section?

The last two points are rather like the letters page in a magazine in that many people will go straight to them first to find out what others think of your business. Word of mouth recommendations are still the best way to market your company even if you don’t know the person raving about a product or service.

Is your site relevant to what you do?
When you write a blog piece, is it really news or just a bunch of keywords?
Would you read it yourself or do you find yourself skimming it even as it’s still warm on your screen? Are you bored already? Are you bored now?

Still with me? Good: I must be doing something right.
But are you?

If you work on your website every day, you need to turn your back for a while.
Do something you love for ten whole minutes. Play with your child. Phone your mum.
Walk your dog. Phone your child, play with your dog and walk your mum.
Do something positive. Stand up and stretch. Do it outside if it’s sunny. Pretend you’re a yoga master and smile when others make fun of you. Encourage them to join in and laugh together.
You’ll feel good.
Just switch off.
You’ll feel good.
Look at the sky, the trees, the grass .. make a pot of fresh coffee and breath in that heavenly aroma.
You’ll feel good.
Pour it into a cup and go back to your desk.
Now look at your site again. Pretend you’re a first-time visitor. Really look at it. The logo, the menu, the photos, the blurb on the first page …

Now tell yourself if it’s any good?
It’s probably better than you thought.
It just needs tweaking.
It needs some love. Like your child, your mum and your dog.

Post something interesting today. If not for your customers, then make it for you. If you enjoy writing it, other people will enjoy reading it. Use a few keywords here and there, maybe some new ones you haven’t tried before. Just let it flow …

… and be patient.
If you keep writing interesting pieces when you’re in the right frame of mind to do so, your SEO will improve organically. And so will your health.

But remember, it won’t happen overnight.
Nurture it, nurse it, nudge it, nourish it … it will grow.
And so will you.



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