Who’d be a worm ?






I am a worm and I live in the ground
I don’t know “up” and I don’t know “down”
I cannot hear and I cannot see
But none of this really bothers me
If you had also never heard or seen
Maybe you would know just what I mean …

Don’t call me spineless when I’m just flexible
Don’t cut me up because I’m segmentable
And don’t you ever call me asexual
Reproduction for me is just reflexual

If I threw a party you would be invited,
Would you come along ? I’d be so delighted !
For I can dance, I am such a groover
And you’ll see that I’m a real earth mover.

See, just because I’m an invertebrate
Don’t think I don’t know how to celebrate
Don’t let me drink, though … I get all giggly
Before you know it, I’ve turned all wriggly !
As you know, I’m already pretty fleshy
So after that things can get rather messy

Quite the worst thing about being a worm
(and this is something that I can confirm)
Is that even though I’m very grounded
With a full personality, I’m well-rounded
I still let people walk all over me
It’s almost as if they don’t want to see
As I churn the soil, as I unearth it …
I sometimes wonder “Is it really worth it?”




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