Northern Soul


Wigan Casino, talcum powder on the dance-floor, the mod movement, Vespas and Lambrettas … and that glorious, incredible, uplifting and life-affirming music !

Forget mainstream Motown, this stuff was more raw, more original, less by the book and more joyful. People came to dance, not to drink and to be with like-minded fans of the scene, not to meet someone … though if that happened, it was a bonus of course.

The scene is still going strong in the UK today and if there’s a night on near you, don’t miss it ! It’s like stepping back in time for an evening and so much fun. I’m happy to report that there’s a new generation emerging too, and the music is getting exposure through new channels like YouTube, thanks to people like IfThisIsLev who are helping not just to keep it alive, but to spread the word …

You can listen to the mix here and there’s another volume here.

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