I want to believe.

i-want-to-believeI think I’ve worked it out: we really are descended from aliens after all.
But that’s not the most extraordinary thing I discovered this week, believe it or not. It’s that religion plays a massive role in the cover-up.
Churches are launch-pads for rockets.
That’s the bombshell.
I know, I know … what am I on about ?
Well, let me explain.
Next time you see a church take a good look. A good, long look. With objective eyes. Look up. Look up at the tower. Is there a spire or steeple ? Is there just a squat block on the side of the main chapel ? Is there no obvious sign of either ?
Those three possibilities explain the state of each church and whether they’ve been used as a rocket base or not.

When the aliens landed all those thousands (millions?) of years ago, they planted the seed in our collective head of god and man, of creation and punishment, of good and evil, blah, blah, blah. The sins and sinners, the saints and salvation, the devil and the deep blue sea … all that stuff evolved from cave paintings and folklore and then as man himself evolved and began recording his thoughts in book form, the scriptures, the bible, the koran and all the other tomes of wisdom, whatever flavour they took, all represented a form of law and order for the masses. They kept us in line, they kept us believing, they kept us fearing lest we turn from the good and righteous path. They also kept us from questioning anything about ourselves, like where we really came from. The endless evolution/creation debate of atheists and believers that rose up during the modern age were just another smokescreen.
The evidence has been there all along: they walk among us for we are them. Certain higher aliens still travel from earth to the mother planet and they do so in their own personalised rocket-spires. It doesn’t happen very often or it would raise too many eyebrows, so we’re talking once every hundred years or so, somewhere round the world, where all that’s reported is the apparent “collapse” of a church steeple. Nobody saw it collapse, of course, it’s just that the locals got up one day and it was gone. These weird anomalies happen so infrequently nobody has put two and two together … until now.
I noticed how much some of these sacred towers look like our classic B-movie interpretation of a rocket ship: think 50s Flash Gordon meets Thunderbirds meets Father Ted and you’re more or less there. Hell, even in my own town there’s plenty of evidence to back up my theory.

Take Highfield church in Portswood:

It looks like a typical urban house of worship: classically designed, compact yet functional and with a full-sized bell tower in keeping with tradition. Yet look again at that tower.
Doesn’t it remind you of something else ?


Now, if you recall I suggested three distinct stages for any given church. Staying within the surrounding area of Southampton, allow me to further illustrate my hypothesis:


This is St.Mary’s Church, or what I now refer to as the Southampton Mothership. Note the massive tower, still intact. This is an emergency launch base for all the local alien/human dignitaries and in extreme cases would form the rally point for a mass exodus from the planet. Most of the larger, more famous sites such as Westminster Abbey, St.Paul’s, York Minster, etc are still largely in situ and have not been launched, for two reasons:

– They’re too noticeable to be used as anything other than a no-turning-back-now, last resort
– They’re big enough to take a larger party of VIAs (very important aliens) should the need arise

The second and perhaps most interesting stage is that of the launched rocket site/church.
This is a relative rarity and yet holds the key to my theory and really is the proof of the pudding. These churches weren’t built that way: they once had proud and noble spires. But when the rocket took off, any photos were destroyed, the memories expunged from the collective mind so nobody questioned it. Here’s an example:


Now, just to hammer my point home, I wish to draw your attention back to Highfield church again for a moment.

Here it is again, from a slightly different angle:

no spire pwood

Notice anything different ?
Take another look:


Oh, that’s right: the rocket’s still there isn’t it !?
But that first picture is how it would look to us now if it had blasted off into the wide blue yonder …

spire rocket 2

The third – and frankly, most boring – stage is the modern church, the new house of worship with no tower at all. We are told this is because we no longer need bells: we have synthesisers and clapping and gospel music. We have apps and web-sites. Why do we need to ring bells to tell people we’re here ? They can find us on Facebook.

Schyeah, right … the real reason is because it’s all just a cover-up, a front just to perpetuate the myth.
Keep building and they’ll keep believing … or at least it’ll nag at them anyway if they don’t. And that’s enough …
Here’s a typical boring modern church with no rocket tower whatsoever:


There is a fourth minor development, which is more of a mini-status step rather than a full-blown stage in itself. On your travels, you may have noticed rather odd-looking churches that are neither modern nor traditional in appearance and that have unusually stunted or tiny spires. These often look more like glorified skylights than bell towers … and that’s sometimes precisely what they are, in terms of function.
To the untrained eye, that is. To my mind, they have but one purpose and one purpose alone: they are one-man escape pods. Those little non-steeples have enough room for one alien/human and enough food for a few weeks and they are the last line of defence in case of a super-emergency. When all else fails and there’s no other option, send your best man off with a one-way ticket … cemy                                                                                       … and this one’s even been treated for rust just in case.

So … there you have it.
Churches= rocket bases
Religion=smokescreen from the truth

You read it here first, folks !

business card orange long


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