My new kitchen vs. the Forth Road Bridge


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I’ve just had a new kitchen installed. It should’ve been replaced years ago but … well, you know … I’m a bloke. I can live on toast and cereal. I’ve bought hundreds of boxes of the latter and at least three … Continue reading

Artex is back in vogue …


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… but don’t worry. It’s not about to make a return to our living rooms any time soon … it’s actually popping up on the street with alarming regularity. If you’ve ever tried painting over a textured surface you’ll know … Continue reading

What links football, Subbuteo and Felicity Kendall ?


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Well, if you want to know the answer you’ll have to pop along to Campo Retro‘s excellent website and read my blog post for them, which you can do by clicking here. While you’re there, check out their glorious range … Continue reading