Shopping with Yoda


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The other day I went shopping in Lidl. I really like Lidl. They’re a fine example of German efficiency and – along with Aldi – they’ve shaken up the UK grocery business and helped reshape the economic landscape with their … Continue reading

Fancy a coffee ?


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Je suis Européen. Ich bin Europäer. Soy Europea. I am European. How about you ? I bet you bloody are, even if you don’t know it. This morning, I read an article in a national broadsheet about the Premier League. … Continue reading

A nice pair of melons


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I went food shopping tonight and bought a nice big, juicy pair of melons. I also bought two deodorants, two packets of celery hearts, two bags of carrots, two bottles of sparkling water, two cartons of tomato juice, two … … Continue reading